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I bet someone here listens to the Butthole Surfers

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death monkey 23:
Come on, you guys, lets have a great big music discussion.

But you can only join in if you have ever heard a song by the Butthole Surfers and liked it.  

Just one will do, but-

thAT'S your qualification.

Thread Zero:
They some gay group?


death monkey 23:
Not specifically.
They're a good band, they influenced Nirvana and crew.

Do you know the Dead Kennedys?  Daft, disturbing politico punk band.  same sort of thing.  A while ago there was a thrills of the future pic of an angry youth for a story called 13.  The t-shirt he's wearing has a circle with a 'DK' on it.  That's the Dead Kennedys.  

What's the story with 13 anyway.

Thread Zero:
My remark about them being gay was a joke.

You see they are called the butthole surfers and ...well, I will leave it to your imagination.


Liked most of Pioughd and Locust Abortion Technician, but they haven't done anything new in years AFAIR...


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