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thinking that it's about time i gave up smoking

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O Lucky Stevie!:
nicolas cage as john constantine? talk about suspension of disbelief...

let's all be thankful for rebellion's firm grasp on the editorial reigns for shoreline's dredd films.

steveene lenfant terribleLink: comics2film

Nicholas Cage is quite alright in his place, and that place ain't inside an Englishman's Raincoat.

But to be honest he is still a better choice than Stallone was for Dredd.  Till that film, I never knew that Dredd had severe learning difficulties.

Whoever they choose for Dredd, I'm willing to overlook the fact that it must be an almost impossible task to cast the Dredd we all think we know.  I think that bloke who played Wolverine in the X-Men would be good.  he reminded me of a youn Clint Eastwood.

Thread Zero:
I think the best actor to play Dredd would be an unknown.

Someone you don't associate with a previous role.

Just an idea.

Otherwise, what is Hulk Hogan up to these days!:O)


Hes a bit old now but i always thought Clint Eastwood would make the perfect Dredd- hes got the jaw line and would have a convincing bad attitude.

I think money spent on a movie could be better spent on an animated series like the Batman, which beat the tarnation out of all those rubbish Batman movies (millions of pounds wasted on movies that ranged from mediocre to complete rubbish).  You could then have a Dredd that looked like Dredd and get someone with the voice like, even if not actually belonging to, Clint Eastwood.

Someone give Paul Dini at Warner Brothers a call.


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