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thinking that it's about time i gave up smoking

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Wow, major goose pimple attack.  That was great!  The firing gun bit was a bit boring but the sheer excitement and menace as you see him coming towards you was fantastic.  I may have to subscribe to that when I have some money.

I don't really like computer games but I sometimes do watch the intro' on friends machines as the movie bits are sometimes really good.

I thought Final Fantasy was a wasted opportunity but a very good example of what could be done with computer animation.

I wouldn't worry about the spelling, I correct most of my typo's just to make it readable but a few always get through.

Anyway thanks for the link, I'll keep an eye on that!

O Lucky Stevie!:
don't disney own the option to an animated dredd series?

steven l'enfant terrible

Thread Zero:
Well they did own the rights to Dredd the movie (I think) but I guess the rights went back to Rebellion as they are planning to make 2 Dredd films.

It would appear thay have complete control of Dredd. That would include the rights to any future animated series.

This is just an educated guess on my part.


Well, as long as Dredd: the Animated Series doesn't turn out like that watered down Robocop animation.


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