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Zenith 666:
These look gorgeous absolutely gorgeous.those spines better line up Molch-R or they'll be he'll to pay  :)

Colin YNWA:
So those of you who've had these before (and I'm sure this has already been discussed so my apologies) what size are the volumes? Are they old Prog sized or smaller?

So very tempted but I own all this stuff... still so very tempted...

Even if I don't sub I'll be making sure I get copies of America- I know some lapsed Squaxx that would be very happy to see these.

I'm sure they'll be lovely but I can't justify the storage space and the really quite hefty cost for stuff that I've in most instances already got at least twice.

They do look nice though.

These look brilliant. I would totally subscribe if I didn't already have so many of them in old editions that I pretty much need to move house to make room for them. But I might get one as a gift.

At least everyone who moaned about spines in this forum can finally feel like they've been listened to! Now you just need to get a shelf that's wide enough for 80 books.


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