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Dave Evans, R.I.P.

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Mike Carroll:
It's heartbreaking to report that long-time messageboard member Dave Evans -- AKA Bolt-01 -- has died.

Dave was more than just a tremendous friend -- he was exceptionally caring, funny, intelligent, generous, loyal, talented and warm-hearted. As co-editor of some fantastic and influential zines such as FutureQuake, Zarjaz, Something Wicked and Dogbreath, Dave helped nurture many new creators, and he was delighted that so many went on to attain full-time careers in the comics industry.

I first met Dave at a Dreddcon in Oxford back in the early 2000s and we became instant friends. I've never had anything but a fantastic time in his company, and over the years Leonia and I got to know and love his amazing family, too.

I'll write more later, maybe -- this is not easy. Dave was one of those people whose presence just lifted your heart and the thought of not seeing him again is almost unbearable.

So long, Dave. It's been an absolute honour to have been your friend.

-- Mike

I, Cosh:
Jesus. That's terrible news. Bolt wasn't someone I'd ever met or interacted with much but his enthusiasm for the comics and creators he worked with seemed boundless.

My love and sympathy to his family and friends.

Dark Jimbo:
This is gutting. Bolt (as I will always think of him) was just the loveliest bloke, both on- and off-line. I did a lot of small-press work for a time, and he was such a pleasure to deal with - always enthusiastic, encouraging and seemingly genuinely overjoyed to recieve new artwork. His enthusiasm for Tooth, and comics in general, was infectious and heartfelt. It was so lovely to see his chunky inks back in the sketch comps recently, too. Hard to take in.  :'(

So long, Bolt. Thanks for everything, and see you on the Doghouse some time.

Colin YNWA:
Jesus. I've so gutted and don't know what to say.

Firstly my thoughts and love to his family for whom the loss just be unbearable.

I've met Dave a few times at conventions and we've drank, chatted and laughed. He was always kind, smart and honest - just a lovely bloke. He's done so much for fandom, he was an endless delight here and his art was always something that made me smile.

This is a tough one and I know it will impact on some many of you so much more. Just so sad.

Jimmy Baker's Assistant:
This is crushingly sad.

Dave was one of the nicest people I've ever met, as well as a supremely talented artist, letterer and editor. He was always astonishingly generous with his time and never asked for anything in return.

No tribute to Dave could possibly exaggerate what a great guy he was.


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