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Meg 434 The Radlands Raiders !

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I enjoyed the Angelic series so far but the biggest problems is the time between them. It has literally been 54 months since the last series has been published.

Sean SD:

--- Quote from: broodblik on 21 July, 2021, 07:11:24 PM ---Well this meg was ok not great just ok saved by Devlin and Angelic. Surely missing 3 strips which I will not name but we all know I am talking about.
--- End quote ---

Have to agree with the above broodblik

My Top 3 for Meg 434

As per last month not the strongest Meg for me but my top 3 thrills are:

1st - Angelic - glad to see this back, great Cursed earth western action.
Love the art by Carter and Rennie's use of Linc in the story "Bad Men! Bad! Bang! Bang!" as well as panel layout variations and space to let the story breathe

2nd - Devlin Waugh - great use of colour in Devlin and The Lord of the Lies scenes at the start of the story

3rd - Dredd - not the strongest thrill but a bit of espionage gets this one into third


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