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The Ugly Game: A Rocky of the Rovers novel - coming February 2022


Dash Decent:
The Ugly Game: A Rocky of the Rovers Novel - Paperback, 288 pages, 24th February 2022

The newly formed Melchester Women’s team are going from strength to strength in their first full season of professional football, lead by the tenacious Rocky Race. But behind the scenes, the morale of the club is low.

After a shocking incident in a men's European game, and the recent Race family tragedy, Rocky, her brother Roy, and the whole club is struggling to deal with the aftermath. What’s more, there’s even talk of sending her out on loan!

 Can she maintain her match-winning performances? How is she supposed to deal with everything that’s happened? And just where does her footballing future lie?

Find out in The Ugly Game, the exciting second book of the season!


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