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--- Quote from: Leigh S on 23 September, 2021, 04:29:58 PM ---Any story in which an accountant is the ultimate hero really doesn't feel like it sits well in the 2000AD as Uncle Pat oringially concieved it....

--- End quote ---

It's almost like 1977 2000AD was planned out by somebody who trained to be an accountant but then didn't follow that career path ;-)

Funt Solo:
My Maitland appearances knowledge is here: Judge Maitland

And I did a review of Carry the Nine, which I'll paste in here:

Judge Dredd: Carry the Nine
(progs 2200-2203)
S: Rob Williams & Arthur Wyatt, A: Boo Cook, L: Annie Parkhouse

Rather than have the side characters purely acting as support during Dredd's investigation, here Maitland is the main character who brings into question the veracity of the entire Justice Department system, and requires support from Dredd.

This tale also drifts into the meta-verse by bringing up the very topical idea of science vs. an established beurocracy or society. Even though Maitland has discovered an important equation that could help everyone, she is not listened to because her data doesn't fit with the world view of her superiors.

Boo Cook's art is a joy throughout, with the city very much a living, breathing place - and you can spend happy minutes wandering around wondering: are those surfing Judges coming out of the Hall of Justice? Is that a stub gun (that the perp could've used) on the shelf next to the mothballed Mechanismo?


--- Quote from: Funt Solo on 23 September, 2021, 06:41:49 PM ---My Maitland appearances knowledge is here: Judge Maitland

You know, just as I was typing my message yesterday, i stopped for a moment and thought 'I wonder if Funt has put Maitland in his appearance log?'. Bravo.

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Quite enjoyed episode 2, especially, as has been mentioned elsewhere, Maitland's encyclopedic knowledge of the first hitter on her tail.

Dredd "You really do memorise all the Euro-Crime files."

Maitland "It's a hobby."

The Brit Cit Mechanismo was fun too, though the vibe and every line of dialogue come cut and pasted from Albelard Snazz


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