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Meg 4.14 - Down with Andreti's Confetti! (AKA Bendatti Vendetta)

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Hmm....disapointing Meg this month. Lots of it I just skipped.

I must say I do not like the 'Spaghetti Vendetta' or whatever it's called. It just does not seem suited to the Meg (or Tooth for that matter). I do not like contemporary action stories in what is supposed to be a science fiction magazine. I could accept Button Man, because of it's great writing and art, but the 'Bernadelli Vendetta' is certainly no Button man whatever it's pretensions.

Lenny Zero, great as always.

The Dredd, Simp story was also fun.

Skipped Durham Red. I've never liked the chracter and although Frazer's art was good, for some reason I just found the story unreadable and completely unintersting.

Hellboy, mildly interesting, but the writing and characterisations seems to lack any real depth. Plus the story takes ages to go anywhere, and in the end not much really happens.

Bad Company - Thank Grud it finishes next month. I've got nothing against it, in fact I think it's a great story, but as I've already go the GNs and read it umpteen times, I have no interest to re-read it yet again ATM. Also, hate the reduced size layout.

Chrono Cops. Great to see this classic again. Love Gibsons art as always.


"I could accept Button Man, because of it's great writing and art"

What about Bendattis great writing and art? There's not much difference from Button Man.

"Love Gibsons art as always"

Really? I thought it was Dave Gibbons.

SD Feeling pedantic on a Monday morning.

Skipped Durham Red. I've never liked the chracter and although Frazer's art was good, for some reason I just found the story unreadable and completely unintersting.

For me the artworked totally saved that one. I really enjoyed seeing Frazer draw something outside of the bounds of the usual horror cliches he gets stuck with. Though this one did have a few zombie-things in it they mainly kept to the edges of the panel and let Frazer do some stuff that I found artistically quite exciting.

Vendetta's probably the best thing in the Meg at the moment!
The current Durham Red series is probably the second best.  Although it doesn't really seem relevant to Red, the stories & art have been very good & highly enjoyable.

The reprint section is wasted on me at the moment (I've got Bad Co & Hellboy seems very dull).  I'm happy to put up with it though if it's helping to keep the Meg afloat, although hopefully this can be phased out eventually.

I didn't think much of the Simp story.  I'm sure 'Simp' was a hobby & not a mental condition, and so this otherwise amusing tale had that niggling irritant undercurrent thoughout.

Lenny Zero was artwise as brilliant as ever, but storywise I thought it a little lacking... not a patch on his previous outings.  Still good, I thought, but...   Well hopefully part II will bring it up to scratch!

Bish-Op's article is great, as always.  Perfectly running alongside my own back prog re-reading: I read The Amazing Maze Dumoir yesterday, & it was good to know the background!

If I had to complain about the Meg, I'd say that it's lacking a mission.  It started out as a comic for stories set in Mega-City One's world.  Stuff like Durham Red & Bandetti Vendetta would be better placed in 2000AD I reckon.  Characters like Anderson, Lenny Zero, Devlin Waugh etc should be kept in the Megazine and away from 2K.

The Amstor Computer:
Bendatti Vendetta:

Interesting, but I'm not sure it's going to become a fave. It's going to date *very* quickly (and this months reference to September 11th etc.. didn't quite feel right) and I'm not particularly excited by the premise. Still, it's only two episodes in, so it's got some time to prove itself.


Hate the art. Sorry, but it just doesn't cut it for me. As for the story - meh. It feels like a reworking of several old Dredd tales - all of which worked much better. Filler material really, and I don't think there's much excuse for that in a monthly.

Durham Red:

To be honest, I'd prefer it if Red wasn't used in these stories, as they would stand up far better if they weren't burdened with the history of the character. On the plus side, this was certainly the best tale so far (almost feels like it's been ripped straight out of a Japanese legend... anyone know if I'm right?) and Frazer pulls another damn fine showing out of the hat. Hold onto this guy - he's a fucking marvel.

Bad Company:

Still a classic, but like other posters, I've read this too many times now to be overjoyed to have it taking up room in the Meg. Still, this month had a far shorter installment, making more room for...


Balls to everyone who doesn't like it. Hellboy is a damn good addition to the Meg, and I hope a reprint of other HB tales is on the cards - especially as later tales get better & better.


What can I say? Utter classic, and one that *hasn't* been reprinted to death. I'd gladly see one or two Alan Moore one-offs reprinted each month - rather that than yet another reprint of a series that I've got 5 or 6 times over.

Lenny Zero:

Good start - if a little bit rushed in places. Jock's B&W artwork is, as always, fantastic. Both he & Frazer are the finest new talent to hit 2000AD & the Megazine for a long time. More work from either would be most welcome.

The Great Thrill-Power Overload:

Hats off to Bish-Op for giving us a brilliant insight into the history of Tooth. If there were any justice, someone would commission him to turn TPO into a full-length book (along the lines of the Action one)

All in all, rather a mixed bag. Some superb stuff alongside some fairly lacklustre strips, but the Meg rolls on in fine form.

Revelation of the month - Carlos Ezquerra on Bad Company. Can't wait to see this in 4.15 :-D

Shite moment of the month - The announcement of what sounds like an interesting new Slaine saga, marred by the announcement that Clint Langley will be handling art duties. Does Pat Mills *really* choose these artists? If so, can someone stop him?


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