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As I only got the previous megazine this week, I have to say I was pretty pleased to have another one so soon.  Having read it pretty *darn* pleased.

The new strip, Scarlet Traces, all *30* pages of it is sumptuous stuff.  I really was half expecting this strip to be the megazines Wild Wild West, but I loved it.  The pigeon catchers were brilliant :)  

The Radlander, ooh Ridgeway's back, in what looks like is going to be a pretty gripping story.  Lovely colours.

Yound Middenface is a treat too.  Really funny and engaging, but those Roadhouse sound effects are back ;)

Quirky Durham Red, an article which isn't the dirt-disher I hoped but interesting enough, bendatti and classic Rogue Cinnebar...

It just gets better.  How?  How is it done?

I reckon Alan Barnes has been down to the crossroads...

Alan Barnes:
As dear old Uncle Morrissey once said: Satan rejected my soul.

But glad you enjoyed the Meg -- I was pleased with this one, so thanks for the kind words!


Slippery PD:
I agree PVS.  Very good megazine, which has been going from strength to strength recently.

Radlander was great, reminded me of Dead Man.  Pobably because of the Rdigeway art and partial cursed earth setting.

The three new strips are of very high quality, Middenface is excellent.  You can see that Alan Grant is a Scotsman, its full of little references and the art is good.  Cinnebar is a RT classic.  Scarlet Traces, could be truly fantastic.  Good Art, nice little plot.  I like the page titles and the little details (like the aformentioned pigeon catchers).

Durham is good, liked joni and the Gronk, art looks like its in a manga stylee.

Bendatti also seems to moving along very nicely indeed.

- yer Slippo

John Caliber:
Yep, this latest issue of the Megazine is the best issue I've ever read - a pity it took so long to get the Meg to this level :(

Here's to the bumper Xmas edition!


I wholeheartedly agree this months Meg is great.
But I'm not a fan of Bendatti, it just doesn't fit in with the rest of the stories, in terms of art and story.
Scarlet Traces is great stuff!


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