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Leigh S:
Prog first

The good news: The cover's nice - much better than the standard pose covers we see far too much of these days.

Dredd:  Possibly the worst art ever on Dredd?  It's  incomprehensibly bad - like something drawn on the back of a toilet door.  A hideously advanced case of  Regressive Bisleyitus, that I'd hoped we'd seen the last of a long time ago.  NO MORE!

Future Shock:  "There are an infinite number of tales waiting to be told", apparently.  So why this shit ever made it into the comic I cannot fathom.  Inpenetrable art from McCarthy doesnt help, but the story is such an old cliche.  Once again this old cynic's head was shaking in disbelief...  

Luckily the Scrap remains interesting, though Rogue still appears to be going nowhere at present - another bunch of near identikit norts appear. The setting is "Nu Earth" enough, but theres an intangible feeling of something missing.  The swearing still doesnt help...

The Megazine, thankfully, is a revelation.  Good strips for McNulty and Durham Red.  Scarlet Traces is just fine and makes the Megazine an even meatier read.  As PVS said, the TPO article seems very - erm - tactful this month, not commenting on McKenzies plethora of writing credits, or on the Fleischer factor..... but I foresee interesting stuff next month hopefully.

Slippery PD:
Heres mine:

Cover - Didnt do much for me I have to say
Dredd - I agree with Watcher, the art was pretty poor.  The story, however, I liked.  Pretty tongue in cheek and had another of those references to present day (child deliquency).  Although my one gripe is that I would have loved to have seen Dredd getting badly hurt by the kids :-)
Future Shock - A filler, did nought for me, at all.
SinDex - I dislike SinDex, they leave me colder than a dead fish in ice.  
the Scrap - Nice little story this.  Lots to kep you interested, nice parallel story line running in this episode.  My favourite new strip for a while.
Rogue- Some souther soldiers die, rogue comes to the rescue.  Thats it.  The place is very nu earthy.  But I really want the Biochips to come to life, Mad Bagman, Gunnar losing it when killing, Helm pinnig over Venus.  

The stories seem t be lacking something,could be character.  Wether that is Nu-Earth (fort neuro) or the biochips (Bagman blues) I cant really say.  

- Yer Slippo

Leigh S:
Yeah the story is quite funny - If they'd merged this with the similarly themed McMahon one from a couple of weeks ago, and let him do the art chores, it could have been a little gem...

By the way, sitting here reading my original post I apologise for calling the FS shit - that's a little harsh even by my own hateful standards! :)  It is however, not what I expect in my weekly  - If this is the best that the slush pile can throw up, I can see why Tharg is calling it a day with unsolicited stuff, though there surely is to God better stuff out there?  

John Caliber:
Hmm - the Megazine is so superior to 2000AD these days it's almost not worth bothering buying the latter any more, save for the occasional Dredd. Ho-hum.


W. R. Logan:
>The good news: The cover's nice - much better than the standard pose covers we see far too much of these days

Have to disagree, not just because of my dislike of sin/dex but the cover art is just shite!

La Placa Rifa,
W. R. Logan.Link: Class Of '79 Yahoo Group


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