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Meg 408 - Hard Country for Old Men

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Eamonn Clarke:

Dredd - Kenneth Niemand again, and Nick Dyer cursed earth artwork.

Lawless - does a talky GoT politicing episode with Phil Winslade's amazing penwork ruling the roost. And a Landraider appearance?!

Storm Warning - wraps up with some more spooky stuff.

A Tale from the Black Museum by Rory McConville and Neil Goodge. Obvious cricket bat from the Cornetto trilogy but don't recognise the axe (but should do).

The Torture Garden looks creepy but I haven't read this one yet.

Interrogations with Geoff Senior and Abigail Bulmer, and the floppy is Mind Wars vol 1

Pick of the Meg is still Lawless but I enjoyed the wrap up of the Dredd cursed earth story.

Eamonn Clarke:
cover is Cliff Robinson with Dylan Teague colours

Delighted with Mind Wars!

Dredd, Lawless and Torture Garden are all excellent. Haven't read the others yet.

Read the majority of this last night as some of the story arcs were half way through when I jumped onto reading the Megazine.

I really enjoyed Dredd, having that Alex Jones-esque radio broadcasting from a former Judge was a great touch, especially with such a hardliner in Dredd saying it is all ridiculous what he is broadcasting.  To me, Dredd is really unreliable here as he is so true to the law and the Judges it got me thinking that even when faced with possibility that they are corrupt at the core and controlling the population would he even truly question it?

The bit about having coffee/tea etc banned but weaponry and alcohol is still freely available made me think this.

A Tale From the Black Museum was fantastic, and I absolutely loved the artwork - definitely one that stood out most to be over the last month or so artwork-wise.  Loved the arc of the story, felt well paced and not rushed.

Both interviews were really fascinating.  I definitely took a lot from Abigail Bulmer as she works at Forbidden Planet and works on her comics in her free time, this definitely was inspiring to me as an aspiring writer and creator!


--- Quote from: Richard on 12 May, 2019, 02:16:22 PM ---Delighted with Mind Wars!

Dredd, Lawless and Torture Garden are all excellent. Haven't read the others yet.

--- End quote ---

Finally made it to the floppy then?  Wonder what delayed it for so long?


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