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Meg 417 - Smash and Crab

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Before we talk strips I'll mention the Obituary to the late, great, Ellie de Ville. Unsung star of many a strip who is missed by many!

Lovely cover by Karl Richardson.

Dredd - Plunder, Part 3. Final part of this and as much as I enjoyed the tale I was hoping to see more from the sunken (Again?) city. Stunning artwork!

Devlin Waugh - A Very Large Splash, Part 3. Devlin is the star of the Meg this month with an episode that is hilarious and horrific in equal measure. An outraged talking Cock, Face eating and playing with matches - Sounds like fun!

Blunt III - Part 3. Blunt continues to brighten up the Meg with its tasty artwork and incredible Alien-Creature designs. Still not sure how this will end but it's an entertaining read none the less.

Zombie Army - Last Rites, Part 2. Lots of bullets and exploding heads followed by a bit of chat in a shed. As I've said before I have never played the games this is based on but that may actually be for the better as I've no pre-conceived notions of what is or could be going on. All waffle aside, I like this strip.

Lawless - Boom Town, Part 3. A day in the life of Badrock and tensions mount as Monsters are discussed and a riderless bike drifts in to town. Glorious stuff!

other text pieces include an Interrogation with Martin Simmonds and a new book , Battle Stations by Hugo Pratt and Donnie Avenell.

Top Meg!


Cover by Karl Richardson

Plus a bit of a treat with the floppy, don't forget.

From the long lamented Scream, The Nightcomers.

Always a pleasure to savour something that has not seen the light of day for a while.  Much as I get the choices made for the floppy, as a completionist much of the tooth material is surplus to requirements. 

It would be nice to see another character retrospective again like the Nemesis one.  I would plug for Strontium Dog, especially with the forthcoming Starlord reprint.

Eamonn Clarke:

More than a year since a Dreddlines - they don't want to know what you think!

Dredd baddie is like a Lobster Random / Captain Skank mash up.


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