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Meg 418 - Night of the Long Knives

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Wrap-a-around Cover by Phil Winsalde

It is a pity that the Meg does not get more love this certainly is a very good one. 

We have a new Dredd story starting and what a great start we have. PJ Holden provides some solid art here.

The rest of the Meg’s stories continue and are very solid with Lawless and Devlin the standouts.

The floppy is Black Shuck and if you missed it in the prog, I can highly recommend this. Werewolf Vikings need to ask more?

This is issue 418.

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Colin YNWA:
Now we are all numerically sorted lets chat Meg. And its a decent one. Dredd is pretty damned fun and PJ's art has gone up a notch always great there's moments in this story that just blow me away. Wonderful. Sure this seems to be another story about a corrupt Judge in The Pit(ish) there seems to be more going on... oh and a fungal plague too...

Blunt III cracks it up and Zombie Army try to hatch a plan to get to the heart of their problem. Both very servicable if not outstanding thrill.

So of course when we mention outstanding thrills we are of course talking Lawless as its one of the all time greats. Here however its merely superb, not it normal mindblowing self as horrors are released and brutes return. Its wonderful but this series has set its own bar so high that that feels almost a let down - its not of course BUT the mere fact that I've consider another story for thrill of the Meg speaks volumes.

But then Delvin Waugh is that good, it really is. Firsly Mike Dowlings art is just sublime and almost on a par with Mr Winslade's its that good. The story is so fantastic as we see Waugh as both utter capable, super smart chap that he is, but also the desperate measures he's prepared to take. As I read his exchange with Titi - the fact that they're a dildo is becoming almost unnoticed as they are simply a great character - had me looking for the catch myself. Just a brilliant bit of comes.

Decent Text pieces packed in the mid - the Action one especially good and I'm always going to be a bit disappointed with a floppie with a thrill so recently raised... go on one of you buggers tell me Black Shuck was first in the Prog in like 1767 or something - go on do it - but it feels like only yesterday to me. Still the quality of the stories is what I mainly come for and those were good.

I thought the stand-out strip this month was Devlin. This was, for me, the first time since John Smith stopped writing it that I thought everything felt 'right'.



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