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Meg 428: Trail by Fire!

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Cover by Ben Willsher:

Cover and logo:

Another good meg to start the year

Dredd - Another good one shot by Niemand and Goddard. Just like the part where the one Trump look-a-alike creep gets some off the rough stuff.

Megatropolis – Dave Taylor effectively usage of more grey-scale colours illustrates us this alternative, noir world created by Niemand and Taylor. The very striking rain scene sums up the dark sombre mood. Great storytelling.

Dreadnoughts - This is a great story told very well by Carroll. John Higgins art is complementing the story to his fullest ability. This has been the stand-out story in the meg the last few months. The story just gets better and more intriguing as we are heading to the final.

The Returners - Rather than having a lot of script the art is being used to tell us the story. This whole series the art was good but this episode the art really steals all the focus.

Deliverance - The dark tales continues its path towards the ultimate goal, death by Death. What a sad, dark, morbid story and why is it so entertaining?

Colin YNWA:
Well we are doing okay aren't we. we really arh.

For a change I'll deal with the back matter first. The John Sanders interview is certainly interesting and makes me look forward to getting the book soon. A different perspective is always helpful, even if I suspect I'll disagree with much he says.

Then the Encyclopedia looks like it might have hit its stride. Its weird after craming some entries into one page in previous volumes here everything - even some interestingly obsure choices - gets two pages, often the second used for a full picture - which is great in a comic encyclopedia. There are still some curious gaps and large white spaces - but this is much more like I'd wanted. I wonder if the early volumes will be updated before this gets published as a seperate volume... assuming think this is as much as a success as I did AND it gets a standalone collection at some point... we'll see.

As for the comic content well this continues to be the best line-up - without Lawless I can remember.

For a Dredd that doesn't especially do much its a damned fine read from Neimand and Goddard and looks fantastic.

Megatropolis - the only negative is the habit of dropping a few to many cute nods to established characters that seems to reach a peak here. But some beans this is brilliant.

As is Dreadnoughts - its just hard, bitter and entertaining.

The Returners really opens up the art and has its best episode of this story to day. Its magnificent. 

and the same can be said of Deliverance which has a blinder.

This has been a good line-up and this is the best issue of that fantastic line-up. Welcome to the new year!

Loving everything in the prog at the moment. I just wish I'd read the first Returners series because I'm not sure I entirely understand what the premise is (something about a curse and memory wiping?), yet I still enjoy it. Was that the Black Museum curator making a cameo? /

And yes, the encyclopedia felt a lot more "readable" this month too.


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