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Meg 429: Supreme Justice.

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A glorious Higgins cover adorns this month's as Dreadnoughts closes out the current story arc.  I have to be honest, there are times when Mr Carroll's work leaves me feeling a little flat when it comes to conclusions but this series has really engaged.  Of course having such a master on art duties doesn't hurt.  I may well be tempted to have a look at some of his early years novelisations as this seems to be a real strength of his. 

As the editorial notes, the series has garnered accolades from across the pond so something seems to be going right.  The same editorial notes that Wagner and Higgins will be delivering a Dredd 6-parter in the summer!   :thumbsup:

In all honesty the meg is doing more for me than the prog right now.  We've been here before where some of the stronger material is showing up in the monthly.  The Niemand / Coleby (who's been a busy boy this month?) Dredd one-and-done is an interesting 'whatever happened to ...' tale.  I'll leave it to readers to discover the connection to early Dredd lore.

Returners is the one strip I'm not getting on with although the last few episodes have shifted that a little.  Assirelli's artwork is stunning but I'm just not gelling with it overall.  Possibly since it is sandwiched between Deliverance and Dreadnoughts, a hell of a pair to fight for attention with.

... and of course in addition to the past of Dredd-world, Niemand gives us a fascinating alternate take on this world in Megatropolis, just one more challenge faced by Returners.  Taylor's art is superb right now and the latest twists of the tale raise some fascinating questions around where this is heading.

This is what really gets me though.  I mean, the Megazine was supposed to explore all the different dimensions of Dredd's world and for a long time it never really seemed to get that right.  What we have right now is the present, past and alternative dimensions of that world.  In addition we have distant realms of that world both physically and spiritually.

The quality of artwork would put the major American players to shame.  The quality of writing is similarly impressive.  Even at its weakest it fires on all cylinders.  How many other titles can say that?

All round I have to say, I can forgive (almost) the absence of the prog.  This month's meg is such a distraction.

Cover by John Higgins:

Cover and Logo:

Absolutely agree with Tjm86

The Meg is indeed firing on all cylinders.

Was thrilled to see more Simon Colby Dredd. A similar tone to the recent prog story he drew, but a much more satisfying story.

Megatropolis, Dreadnoughts and Deliverance all continue to be brilliant with their alternative/past/cosmic horror takes on the Dredd's universe, and despite not really understanding the premise of Returners, I do love the artwork and like the magical/horror side of the world it explores. Unfortunately, its not as obviously "Dreddverse" (or even alt-Dreddverse) as the other strips, and I think that makes it feel a little out of place with the rest of the Meg's offerings.

Good floppy this month too. Nice to have Traumatown as an all-in-one, and I've never read The Gyre so that was a welcome bonus.

It’s a strong line-up, but, man, that Niemand Dredd packed a punch. A really deeply sad tale that left me thinking “well… shit”. Quite the contrast to his strip in 2000 AD this week, which was smart satire but with a lightness of touch that made it at least slightly hopeful.

Elsewhere, Dreadnoughts continues to excel and is far too close to home, even now the orange buffoon is gone from the White House. You can see the way things are heading. And the manner in which the UK is shifting its laws far more quietly means this kind of warning is now increasingly important.

Things don’t hit the same highs for me in the other strips. I need to re-read Returners, and the Death tale feels quite by-the-numbers but looks nice, as they so often do these days. Megatropolis is intriguing, though, and a nice shift from the usual content in the mag.


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