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Meg 430: The New Flesssh!

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Just starting this off with a stunning Alien Dark Judges cover from Nick Percival!

And the one without the text

Colin YNWA:
Wow no actual review of the Meg yet? Its a good Meg. Any comic is going to miss Dreadnoughts but the addition of a healthy and interesting Devlin Waugh - again a dining room of characters used to set the scene and tone. We need to see where this goes to, but its a good start. No Dreadnoughts yet, but time for this to develop.

Elsewhere we have two thrills defined by some bright colouring. Dredd's art by Karl Richardson art that seems bright and joyful telling a bright and joyful tale of aging and death... well it is Dredd after all. But Rory McConville gives fun Dredd and this one is bouyant.

The Returners uses Eva De La Cruz sharp and defined colours to contrast Nicolo Assirelli dark and powerful art to shift the tone around wonderfully. The story is of course all the more poignant as the issue marks the sad passing if Si Spencer. The ending is curiously fitting, a dark departure that leds to the new and bright something we can't yet explain. I understand there is no afterlife, but what makes us will become something new and we don't yet know what. Sorry I'm blathering but thinking about this story a bit... I really like The Returners and will re-read it again when its finshed - Si Spencer has written the next, final part, so we'll get to read it as a whole which I really look forward to as I suspect it will get new resonances.

Deliverance too uses moments of sharp colour tones and bright spots of mixed tones to create a queasy, uneasy feel the story deserves. Its great stuff.

The best thing however is the focus on Cassandra Anderson in Megatropolis with dulled light tones mixing with the other colour shifts as scenes change. Its wonderous stuff and the 'Dredd' bursts out on the last page to set up a finale (I assume) its delicate and invigourating at the same time. Love this one.

There's some decent text pieces and the next part if the Encyclopedia, which continues to intrigue on the choices of what gets one page, what gets two. I'm flicked through and will read chunks of this, but it looks better again.

The main comic is finished off with a lovely tribute to Si Spencer, which is very touching. The Returners offer a tribute in and of itself but this obituary does have impact.

Good Meg full of colourful adventure, but also marked by sadness.

A good meg but suddenly feels quite empty with the lost of Dreadnoughts. But we have a few things to look forward as well: the return of Wagner on scripting duties for Dredd and naturally more Lawless

Dredd – One of those stories that highlights the silliness of citizens.  A good enjoyable one-shot the ending put a smile to my face.

Megatropolis – As the investigation heats and more truths are revealed the story is heading for its grand finale. What I like we have already as setup for the next arc. Dave Taylor usage of colour supplements the mood and direction of each panel brilliantly. Top notch storytelling from Niemand.

Devlin – Another interesting new chapter starts with a lot of talking around the real origins of Titivillus. 

The Returners – A good chapter to end the current arc and we are already transported to the start of the next. The next arc starts in 432 and is also the series finale.

Deliverance – The gore-fest continues, and the Dark Judges are almost ready for the final act. The next few chapters promise some action. Nick Percival’s art as always is gory dark and moody and works fantastically with the theme.

In the latest Judge Megazine (430) you will find a nice article related to both Dave Bishop and Robbie Morrison’s latest venture into novels.


--- Quote from: Colin YNWA on 17 March, 2021, 09:39:27 PM ---Wow no actual review of the Meg yet?
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Mine hasn’t rocked up yet.


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