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Comission Artist Woes

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Barrington Boots:
Cheers dudes. My worry is of course that the artist has been hospitalised or worse, or had some kind of personal tragedy that's preventing them from responding to any messages.

The project isn't urgent, and it's not really that important, so I suppose my best course of action might be to wait until the last possible minute and then see if I can chargeback the funds or just give up. That gives them more time to potentially respond, if they're able. I feel like I should be more understanding here that if I was buying from a shop.

Sharky, that's a very generous offer. All it is is a bunch of D&D characters - a thank you to my players for keeping me relatively sane throughout lockdown. I think a "draw my mates D&D characters for £50" pitch might be a bit cheeky though.
I'll definitely buy you a pint should we meet. I hope we do!

It looks like you've taken the best approach to the situation.  It does sound very concerning.

I was going to say if it is nothing too elaborate I don't mind helping out, no charge, and Shark gets in first with the offer.

The Legendary Shark:

Oh man, if you gotta' pick, you gotta' pick Pictsy.

Just look at the Sketch Comps. No contest, no question.

Barrington Boots:
That's super kind of both of you but I'd definitely feel like I was taking advantage a bit.

I think with regards my artist I'll send them a longer email explaining there's no criticism and no deadline if they're unable to do the work for whatever reason but to please let me know over the next few weeks if that's the case. Hopefully they are / will be ok and everything will work out.

That sounds like a good course of action.  Hope the artist is OK and you can get your commission work :)


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