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Masking Fluid and Paint Splatter

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Does anyone know of any better type of brush, other than a toothbrush for spattering paint onto there panels?
Also, I have been using masking tape and masking fluid to cover the areas that I don’t want to have any paint spattering on them. I have tried using a paint brush but once it’s wet it seems to lose it springiness in the bristles. Dry brush spattering seems to work ok but it’s hard to control or apply in the area I want to.

How do you cover the areas that you don’t want spattered i.e. say if I want to spatter the paint on a helmet someone is wearing in my drawing but I don’t want to hit their face or the background around the helmet. It’s very hard to control where the spattering goes without having to use masking fluid to paint around the edges.

Any better methods or suggestions would be most welcome

Put some paint on the edge of a credit card, use a brush to fleck that paint from the card on to the canvas - can't remember where I first saw this, but it adds far more control.

(Mind you I'm all digital now, so I built a "paint splatter" brush and my life is so much cleaner now!)

Thanks Paul, I’ll give that a whirl

Also! The viscosity of the pain will determine what you get! Gloppy thick paint and you'll get streaks (or long blobs) thinner paint and you'll get very small droplets - experiment!

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: pauljholden on 07 July, 2021, 10:22:43 AM ---Also! The viscosity of the pain

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You been watching 'Spaced'?


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