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Masking Fluid and Paint Splatter

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Nice one Paul, I did notice getting blobby streaks other day and what is really weird (Colin) is that I had Spaced on in the back ground while I was working… Are you psychic Colin? Was a good series I thought, I watched season one properly, with full attention but when I was doing my spattering other day I had it on in the background and was in the zone ( painting) so not really paying full attention so will have to rewatch Season 2.

As for the blobs Paul, I do quite like having some larger blobs / stringy looking bits in there. I also tried it with masking fluid over the background layer of acrylic paint to create some rough figures and just to see if worked without pulling the paint off and it did. Not sure that it won’t tear up some of the under layer of paint in the future though.

Ha ha just realised that Spaced comment wasn’t for me, you’re on about the fine artist who paints in the house, Brian 😀

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