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Hi again everyone.

Thought Bubble have generously allowed FutureQuake's table this year to be entirely committed to this endeavour:

Our Bolt was forever doodling on little square bits of paper at conventions, giving them away with issues, they'd fall out of your copies if you ordered them from us. They were so integral to our memory of him that it seemed right to put everything aside and doodle. Bring them to the table, or DM us for an address to send them to if you're unable to attend the event. You can buy them for whatever price you feel like and there will also be a raffle of 2000 AD goodies very kindly donated directly from the Nerve Centre itself.

The charity we've been requested to donate everything to is SOBS. We've reached out to them ourselves and they are a kind and responsive bunch, we'll have literature for them there if you need it but they are there and they will listen.

Now pens and pencils out, let's get drawing!

The Legendary Shark:

I have one or two of Dave's little sketches. I'll collect them together and donate them to this worthy cause.

Colin YNWA:
Yeah I'll have a dig around I've got a couple I think and a lovely Old One Eye sketch he did for me once...

I think I've worded this badly - it's more artists doing new doodles than selling off the sketches of his you have! I'm not asking you to give those up  :o

The Legendary Shark:

Not at all, Foxy - I thought that people might pay a lot more for a Bolt Original than a Sharkish scribble.


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