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Pretty pleased with this issue of the Megazine.  

The article was even better than last weeks (I knew quite a bit of that already), I now a few people who are buying it just for this.  Really was the highlight of the whole megazine.

Like the format and the fact it's a bit of mix of things.  News and bits and pieces at the start, letters at the back.

The Dredd wasn't as bad as I feared (yes Scojo), in fact it was the best Grant I'd read for a while, I justcould have  done without the toilets.  And what sort of faecal matter contamination could make a body unsuitable for Resyk?  That as the say 'be gibberish'.

Enjoyed the CD listening to the 'making of' feature.  Unlike another listener I didn't fall in love with David Bishop.  I was worries there may be some subliminal messages on the CD that might cause this bit I seem safe.

The Dredd Audio preview... Dredd seemed very husky, hershey seemed quite wimpy (the voice the senior female judge in it would have been better).  I niticed the two typo's that had crept in.  As long as they change them for later CD's, Im not that worried.  Anyway it all seemed a bit unsatisfying, but then it was only a third of the story wasn't it.  Well, I'll wait till I hear it all I think before I make my mind up.

Enjoyed Missionary Man, very very nice art.  I don't know a lot about the character but the story was good.  Have those judges mentioned in it been in before, where are they based.  Cuidad Baranguilla?  Is that S. American or Mexican Judges?

Enjoyed Hellboy, it wasn't the revelation a friend had lead me to expect but it was something different for which I'm grateful.  Anything with sorcerous Nazi's in is usually okay by me.

Havn't read Wardog.  Seams to be full of action though.  I've come in at the end of the series so I couldn't give a proper opinion of it.

If the Megazine keeps getting better then it's going to be really good.  Much more meaty than an issue of 2000AD which takes me five minutes to read and leaves me reading the ingredients on the can of pop I bought to drink with it for inspiration.

2000AD Online:
The article is by far the best thing about the Megazine. Very few things enrage me as much as creators being shafted by publishers.

Leigh S:
Its no secret that I absolutely love the feature.  It's interesting that Inferno caused such an uproar - I presume this was after the Cursed Earths troubles, so was the final straw, rather than being really terrible in itself.

While the article once again uncovers a load of new info, there are a couple of things that appear in the article that I'll share here for anyone who's interested - the first may have been in the Mega-History, so apologies for repeating this....

When 2000AD was launched it got a critical mauling from the Guardian.  Pat Mills was interviewed and misquoted in the piece, which seems to have been particularly incensed by the portrayal of evil Volgan/Russian troops. The article implied that the strip was no more than commie bashing propaganda on the part of 2000s publishers.  Pat Mills duly wrote a fairly light hearted response to the article and hand delivered it to the Guardians office, assuming that the papers 'right to reply' policy would mean some comeback.  Needless to say, he was fuming when they totally ignored the letter.

Secondly, I have a copy of a special edition of IPC News, which was published to celebrate the Queen and Prince Phillip visiting Kings Reach Tower on 16th Feb 78 (found at a car boot sale!).  Prince Phillip actually visited the offices of 2000AD (presumably while the Queen went off to Womans Realm!) and met with Kelvin Gosnell, where they had a "friendly disagreement" about Star Wars.  Apparently, The Duke dismissed Star Wars as a "fairytale fantasy with spaceships" (somewhat missing the point there methinks, Phil!).  Actually, Kelvin Gosnell looks a little like Lucas with that beard!

The following quote always has me in stitches:  "When introduced to the Duke, the normally talkative Kevin O'Neill was lost for words.  "I didn't know what to say to him." admitted Kevin.  "But," he added, "I thought he was very friendly.  He wasnt aloof as one would have imagined."  The idea of Kev "the beast" O'Neill being let within 100 yards of the Duke is almost as astounding as the quote - Tell me it's not true Kevin!

Although the creators always say the publishers were embarassed and in some cases wilfully destructive towards the comic (and I've no doubt they were), it seems odd that they chose 2000AD for the Duke to visit, given the hundreds of other comics they published at the time - I wonder why (if indeed it was there choice)

Leigh S:
errr....That should be that DON'T appear!!

Thread Zero:
I agree with you you about Hershey, PVS.

There is a frailty to the actor's voice that doesn't suit that of the chief judge of Mega City 1!

The actor who played Judge Davis would have been better. More authoritative.

The only other minor criticism I have is some of the voices seemed too over the top. It's like Big Finish are saying this is a silly comic character so lets give them all silly voices.

Cosmo was over the top, so too Sleep technician Potter. And the crime swoop citizen's voice was well strange!

Just a thought.



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