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Sad to see Otto go the way of all flesh. Rumour that his murderer is Orsen Wells' great great great great great great great great great grandson cannot be discounted...

Durham Red - with fangs like that, I almost wish I were a haemophiliac!

Hmmm oh well back to shooshi towers with me.

scojo fangstatic

I know the Meg should have some independance now.  But it might be a nice idea to do previews of old strips.  Bad Company 3 can't have made sense to someone reading it from scratch.  B

Okay there is a lot of it for a reprint, so why not have a six page re-cap article, with text and pictures and maybe some interviews with their creators, a sort of look back on Bad Company article.

Same should maybe have gone for the VC's and Rogue Trooper (though we get a bit of the backstory on that next month which is lucky timing), though at least Strontium Dog has had a bit of exposure.  It's true to say that it would be nice for people to be able get some grip on the characters.

I think hellboy was very clunky this week and I'm afraid I started to lose interest in it.  I don't have an axe to grind with hellboy I wanted to read it so it was great for me it being in the meg.  But does anybody else thing it's a bit shallow and undramatic?

Nice to see someone using their intro page to full effect this week (rennies Star Smasher dredd, I did see a very similar think in Batman of the Future, but I gues its a basic idea).  I think they are very good for breaking the comic up and introducing the story to someone who has just picked it up.  I often wish there was something intersting for me to read on it, some stupid trivia or something.

I have to say that the meg is pretty good at the moment and looks like it will get better.  Considering I only ever seem to like 20-60% of 2000AD at any one time, this really hits the spot.



Thread Zero:
Orson Wells - I think is the correct spelling.

Oh well he was this fat actor anyway! Ya know, Citizen Kane.

Hmm note to editors, avoid dodgy film references as the inspiration for scripts. Rather lazy writing.

Rennie's Star Wars was a very easy target. Sorry Milo, but it was.

As for Hellboy, shallow and undramatic?

Why you say that? I'd hardly say it was shallow. More deep end stuff!

scojo swimming in the pool

Dear scojo,

The 'fat actor' Orson Welles, was also one of the greatest film directors of the 20th century!

I await to see what Wagner does to twist  the Citizen Kane references.



Oh god I despair. Scojo if you really want to get into script writing can I suggest you get hold of Welles' and Manciewoiz (I think) screen play for Citizen Kane. That and The usual suspects are the best screen plays I've ever read and you may find them useful.
Welles is often overlooked because of the pretention factorm surrounding him but his work is really accessible, especially A Touch of Evil and Macbeth.


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