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6 days left on the complete love and rockets humble bundle and a new Dredd HB just gone live too.

Mega-City Comics in Camden - dropped by yesterday to pick up my prog/meg standing order and they told me they've got an offer on back progs - they correctly figured I probably had all of them, but I told them I'd let people know.

£1 each for back progs, 12 for £10, 25 for £20, 60 for £40.  I didn't look through them, but they looked to be around the decade or so that 2000AD went glossy - not the bog paper progs and not any recent progs.

JD Megazine vol 1 1-7 £12.99 (I think that means all seven issues for that price).

Online they have similar deals though with a random mix of progs - if you want specific progs then you'll need to drop in to the shop.
2000AD Grab Bag 10 assorted comics - £5.99
2000AD Grab Bag 20 assorted comics - £10.99
2000AD Grab Bag 50 assorted comics - £25.00

Forbidden Planet have the vols 1, 3 & 4 of the Titan hardbacks of Johnny Red for £5 each

Don't normally buy GN new I get them pre-owed local or Amazon third party seller for about £5. I did get Batman Earth One complete out of Forbidden Planet on sale £22 ish that is a chunky book (it's also in the online store on sale). I think I got lucky picking Zombo for £2 at the same store (not that price online, but still on sale).


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