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Megazine 433: Day of Dark Judgement!

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Leigh S:
A mixed bag this month...

Dredd.... oh dear... This is I'm sorry to say, Millar level stuff as far as we are portraying Dredd (and possibly wth the Sino-Cit stuff too).  Dredd beating up citizens for his own amusement!?!  I dont thnk even Millar went that far!

Devlin is a great read by contrast - how to take someone elses strong vision and do a story that fits that vision.

Diamond Dogs and Deliverance I am not really keeping up with - not grabbing me, but the Returners remains interesting and nicely illustrated.

Articles were engaging  - I'm keeping my eye on that Johnson fellow as a potential star of the future (keeping my eye on the otehr Johnson fellow as well, but for different reasons!)

Mechastopheles was a handy reprint as it means I can go back and read the new story having refreshed myself of the previous this morning.

Cover by Nick Percival:

Cover and Logo:

And the full wraparound stunning Percival cover image. Loved the final episode!

I've had mixed feelings about Deliverance but I read the whole thing today and it definitely benefits from that rather than reading it every month for nine months.

At first I thought it was pretty average and it certainly isn't up there with The Torture Garden.  I think it just didn't have enough Death in it and Rosco wasn't nearly as interesting this time around.  Last time we saw the horror through her and Pousay's eyes but this time it wasn't nearly as shocking.  I didn't much buy into the death cult story either.

Whisper was pretty interesting though and the ending was good.  I enjoyed it today.

Weirdly spoilerific cover.


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