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Well this meg was ok not great just ok saved by Devlin and Angelic. Surely missing 3 strips which I will not name but we all know I am talking about.

Dredd – In some sense the theme of the Dredd story is not my favourite, and the story is carried by Staz’s excellent art. The episode does carry some interesting events and it would be interesting to see where this will end up.

Diamond Dogs – This episode felt a bit empty, and it would have been nice to have certain parts given a little more background. So, this one was a bit of a step backwards in the storyline.

Angelic – As I enjoyed the previous run (I cannot even remember when last this was in the meg), this arc starts on a right foot.

The Returners – This story feels like it is leading me in the wrong direction, and it might be that I am starting the loose the direction and what is going on. Currently it feels like events are happening without any reason or purpose. I might have to re-read the whole arc or something.

Devlin – Well mister Waugh you have an interesting set of choices or rather a choice to make. A deal with the Devil is always lopsided. Great stuff from Kots, he is surely now established himself that can take the strip forward.

Cover by Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague:

Cover and Logo:

Afraid I'm feeling a bit cold on The Meg at the moment, feels like we're in a "marking time" period without an outstanding strip to really lift the rest of it. The next Lawless or Megatropolis or Dreadnaughts really can't come quick enough

I feel like I barely know what's going on in The Returners because my eyes just kind of skim over it every month without taking anything in. It doesn't help that the script is entirely averse to recapping anything that's happened or give any motivation to the characters beyond "Oh we're here now, let's argue a while before we go to the next bit." It looks absolutely gorgeous, I just have no idea what is supposed to be happening or why. I wish I could say I was enjoying it more as it's Si Spencer's last job, but it's a struggle.

Maybe I'm just getting old as I had trouble with the Dredd strip as well, I'd completely forgotten the set-up with the time-travel tech, and the reappearance of Dan Francisco threw me a bit as I wasn't sure if he'd already been mentioned

I have not received my copy of this yet but am very happy to see Angelic is back.


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