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Meg 436 - Fit for Duty?

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Well, the last few months meg felt a little bit underwhelming to say the least but this month with the same line-up we have a very good meg. The one that steal the show is our friendly neighborhood glow in the dark toy of joy.

Dredd – This one-shot serve as an epilogue to the Providence storyline. I enjoyed this and it was more back to basics with a straightforward Dredd actioner. Good art as well from Nick Dyer (very much reminds me of Cam). 

Diamond Dogs – The story ends in a very satisfactory way and kept me interest and I am sure there is more to come. The nice thing was that the end reintroduced a character that will play a bigger role in forthcoming series. Armitage makes a nice cameo appearance.

The Returners – The standout part of this story is the great artwork especially in this episode. Some interesting turn of events as the story re-engaged me.

Angelic – Great storytelling from Rennie and Carter especially the introduction to the alternative Mean Machine.

Devlin – I am going to say it, this was for me the single best Devlin episode ever. Awesome stuff from Kot, dark humor, twisted characters, witty engagements, wonderfully scripted. Do not forget the superb work from Dowling to deliver this masterpiece.  The laugh-out-loud moments made my day.

Cover by Paul Williams and Chris Blythe:

Cover and Logo:

B/W Cover:

A solid issue, on the whole, to my mind. The Dredd worked nicely. Diamond Dogs ends well, even if the cameo character must be about 100 by now. The Returners has a lot going on. Honestly, it’s kind of lost me along the way, in terms of what’s happening, but I’m going to do a re-read.

Angelic has transformed the Angel Gang into something interesting, rather than basic parody with amazing visual design. I really like what Rennie’s doing here, even if it is clearly ret-con-tastic.

But then there’s Devlin Waugh. This felt old-school and modern all at once. It was absurd—and knowingly so (with the characters wondering what the hell was going on). It was camp and silly, but with the lead having that plan up his sleeve.

I get why people remain unhappy about John Smith thrills being dished out to all and sundry, and the results have been variable, to say the least. But Kot gets this character. His run has been horrific and funny and interesting and weird and sad and clever and all the things the strip should be. I do hope Tharg can keep him writing for the Meg, especially at this high level.


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