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Meg 437 - Scrawling the Walls

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Cover by Colin MacNeil :

Cover and Logo:

A good meg

Dredd – Well this is one of those episodes where Dredd just can not let go, he becomes a complete justice brute. Niemand adds another set of characters that he can revisit in the future. Lovely art by Colin MacNeil (he is a true Dredd legend).

The Returners – It looks like our heroes’ journey is coming to an end as they head into the temple of doom. I will have to revisit this series and the biggest problem with this series in totality is that it might read better as a collection.

Angelic – Some good back-story as Rennie does more world-building. A lot of focus on how “Mean Machine” became the “man” he is. Another good episode, I like this series.

Black Museum – One of those once-off stories that is not too bad, a little bit predictable with the ghost in the machine concept.

Devlin – Now please FIFA listen to me if you want to make a rugby guy like me to want to watch some footie: just read this episode of mister Waugh’s latest adventure.

Lovely cover. Interesting Dredd, with Niemend carving out an otherworldly mystery that I hope is never resolved. I love stories like that which don’t attempt to explain everything. it felt like a modern-day fable. The Returners still for me needs a re-read, but seems interesting enough.

Angelic continues going full ret-con central on the Angels, transforming them from one-note villains into interesting and diverse characters. Usually, I’m not a fan of this kind of thing, but Rennie’s pulling a blinder here. Top stuff.

Black Museum was quite nice, although more interesting before the electrocist showed up. Which leaves Devlin, which is a masterclass in comics writing. The most consistently great thing in the Meg for a while, and for me rivalling The Out for best thrill across Tharg’s box of goodies.

Devlin > Dredd > Angelic > The Returners > Black Museum. Three great/two OK, but on the whole a very good Meg.

Will be Friday before I see mine, if its arrived... That is a loverly cover, but don't like that font.


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