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Life is sometimes sort of okay because...

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House of Usher:
Life doesn't always 'spug' (old word, new meaning there) and it's not always drokking fantastic, so I thought I'd start a new thread for anyone who wants to share stuff that's just sort of okay and makes life more agreeable without making you whoop for joy.

I'll start with:

Life's sometimes sort of okay because I watched Clerks II last night and I enjoyed it and didn't feel let down by it at all.

What the Mary Whitehouse Experience alway used to call feeling a bit 'Meh'.

Saying that i feel fine today!


Roger Godpleton:
Creme Egg ice cream.

My 12-year old telly finally died tonight.  But it did so in the middle of No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, so you can see how I'm ambivalent.

Roger Godpleton:
The new series of The Apprentice starts this week. It does annoy me when people act like it's not just as retarded as X-Factor et al but it will be ok to have on in the background.


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