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The Legendary Shark:
As the "election" is coming up, when we'll all be asked to vote on the people the Power Elite tell us to vote for, I thought we might as well have a political thread for this and other political comments.

I'll kick off by posting this here:

"Dear friends,

Take a look at this:

I've just emailed my local election candidates to demand that they support new rules to ban secret lobbying to help clean up politics.

Whether it's tobacco advertising, arms deals, GM food, or airport expansion, companies pay people to try to influence government. We've got a right to know what they're doing, especially when its our prospective MPs who are working as lobbyists.

Please email your candidates now and ask them to commit to lobbying transparency, it only takes two minutes:


House of Usher:
I'm glad there are people like you who still give a damn about politics, because I no longer have the energy for it. I was very interested and involved in politics from the age of 13 right up until the 1997 general election, in which I voted for a party other than Labour, such was my disgust at what the Labour Party had become. From that day on my involvement in politics has been minimal, amounting to no more than voting whenever the opportunity arises, and activism against the imposition of Controlled Parking across my whole neighbourhood by the City Council.

The Legendary Shark:
Now is the time for us to take Parliament back.

It is our right and our duty to do all we can to leave behind an honest and decent society for future generations. History may only record the names of Kings and Lords and Presidents, but it's the unnamed millions who fuel it. One small person can't do it all, but all people can do one small thing. To vote is one small thing. To fight against controlled parking is one small thing. To post here is one small thing.

I don't need to say any more, you know exactly where I'm going with this.

Peter Wolf:
I am voting for an independent party which is going to be UKIP as i refuse to vote for a the main three co-opted parties so therefore i dont sanction their sham and illusion of choice.

David Cameron isnt the answer as its just more vague and abstract "change" which translated means more of the same shit.David Cameron is a traitor and a fifth columnist who works for globalists and foreign interests and does not in any way represent the United Kingdom or its people or their interests.David Cameron and George Osborne are both Bilderberg attendees and is the next pre- selected UK prime minister.David Cameron will not take us out of the EU and therefore out of the hands of foreign offshore bankers and Globalists and the IMF.You might think he is alright now when he is in opposition but just you wait and see.......

He is bought and paid for and this is how this sham of a democracy in this country is perpetuated.George Osborne and David Cameron both have well known connections to Rothschilds just like Mandelslime.

I have to also call into question the mentality or intelligence of anyone who votes for New Labour.

Lib Dems.I dont know about them but i wouldnt vote for them as they are weak and will just go with the flow and do what they are told.

Voting for an independent party is the only option left to at least make a statement otherwise i am not actually sure what the point of this election is other than to create the illusion that your vote means anything at all when in fact it doesnt.


Do we have to do this here?


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