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--- Quote from: milstar on 03 April, 2022, 05:30:47 AM ---You think I am Russian? Fine. I think you are 8 year old retard with cognitive disabilities. Sadly with the access to the computer.

--- End quote ---

Sorry but this is totally unacceptable.  The language is the disables equivalent of racist abuse and as such should not be used full stop.  The level of discrimination faced by individuals with cognitive conditions that restrict their daily functioning should not be used as an insult.

Having spent the last week working with an 8 year with a cognitive disability who daily shows enthusiasm and integrity that far surpasses that of individuals significantly older than he, I would have to challenge the utter inappropriateness of this language.

I'm afraid that Funt is right, this thread has now descended to levels rarely seen here.  Personal abuse and vitriol aside, positions have become excessively polarised.  We have always prided ourselves on tolerance and courtesy.  There has always been at the very least respectful engagement with different perspectives and ideologies (sorry, Sharkey!) but it is clear that we need to take a leave of absence from this discussion.

Perhaps the moderators should lock this thread and give everyone time to refocus? 

Richmond Clements:
Let's take this down quite a few notches, eh?

The Legendary Shark:

--- Quote from: Richmond Clements on 03 April, 2022, 09:36:34 AM ---Let's take this down quite a few notches, eh?

--- End quote ---


This is a fiery thread filled with fiery opinions so let's keep away from all that TNT in the ad-hom box, shall we? Disrespect the argument if one must, but not the person making it.

As a way of toning down the bad language, I was going to suggest the idea of a digital Swear Jar - until I realised that I would be one of the main contributors. 

I don't like having to spend my Sunday morning dealing with the forum, but here we are.

Millstar is permanently banned for abusive behaviour.

However, I would like *everyone* involved in this thread to reflect on their behaviour and conduct.

This thread is now permanently locked.


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