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Peter Wolf:
What just my comment or the entire thread ?

As a compromise just for you i deleted the final sentence but the rest stays as there is nothing offensive or incorrect about it.I was asked what i thought in a thread about the upcoming election and this is what i think.

I'm an anarchist (without adjective) so politics, for me, is a huge big white elephant. It's like a posh form of gang warfare. I see nothing that government does that could not be done better, more efficiently and more honestly by you and me.

I wish everyone who continues to seek answers through organised politics all the very best. Me? I'll be spoiling my vote this year, as I did the year before. And I'll be having fun with my spoil :)   

That wasn't directed at anyone in particular. The thread's in the off-topic section, so I'll just ignore it.

- Trout

Peter Wolf:
Thats alright then.I have already moderated my own comments today on the other thread out of consideration for the board.

Other than that there isnt much else i can do.

I hear ya Trouty, but surely if there is a dedicated thread maybe it'll suck the poison out of other threads... a bit like the Life Spugs and Minor Impediments thread, a one-stop shop for a specific type  of moaning.  As you were...


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