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Funt Solo:

--- Quote ---Spoilers just in-case Funt Solo is trying to stay unspoiled.
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Thanks, Colin: I am attempting to stay unspoiled.  The most recent prog I've read is 1749 (meg 314), and I've avoided all the prog and meg review threads beyond that point.

Regarding Flesh: Texas - I'm glad other people enjoyed it.  I got that the Smileez was a narrative device that allowed the writer to throw logic out of the window, but ... maybe I should have read it on Smileez?

Probably the best idea!  Loving this thread BTW, Funt.  Very good read.

Funt Solo:
2011: 3rd Quarter

In order of most favorite to least favorite thrills...

Judge Dredd: The Further Dasterdly Deeds of PJ Maybe
Wagner's back!  This is masterful, with Wagner weaving in a flashback sequence that takes us through much of the action: beautifully conveyed by Colin MacNeil.  It's not that other writers do a bad job on Dredd but Wagner is just in a class of his own, and it's great to get back to what seems like the meat and potatoes of Dredd.  I don't think it's too much of a spoiler (given the title) to tell you that PJ Maybe escapes from his Iso-Block.  Here's some of the aftermath:

Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos - Nadia
I've heard rumors that Day of Chaos is a major event for Mega-City One, and the pre-cog visions of Cadet Judge Hennessy seem like a good predictor of what's to come.  The suggestion in this precursor tale are that East-Meg agents are planning on releasing a deadly bio-weapon that could wipe out 99.8% of the population.  Perhaps the most shocking moment here is when a Judge is revealed as an enemy agent and executes a fellow Judge.  The prog 1749 "Dredd - dead?" in-prog cliffhanger was a bit forced, but overall this is a top thrill.  Dredd doesn't escape unscathed:

Savage: Book 7 - Secret City
There's an unusual decision to dress everyone up as if they're from the 1940s, which is Basil Expositioned into the first episode as a retro craze.  So Bill Savage spends Book 7 dressed up as a Humphrey Bogart gumshoe type. That aside, this is quite a taught thriller about trying to get information out of the country whilst being hunted by the Militsaya.  Pat Mills likes to intertwine his stories, and so one of the enemies we have to contend with is a prototype Blackblood:

Tharg's 3rillers
In this opening salvo, we get three sets of 3-parters.  Quite a novel idea, and quite a mixed bag. 

First up is the very sci-fi The Silver-Tongued Exploits of Cosmo Nibs, which I found garish and irritating.  There's a fairly sick joke about a terminally ill young girl which I failed to find the humor in.  It just came across as mean-spirited.

The best of the three was Six Brothers, mixing a contemporary crime thriller with an ancient Egyptian curse to provide some truly disturbing moments:

Last up we had Wolves, a near-future tale of deadly military experimentation without a happy ending.

I don't know if this format has legs, but it was interesting.  Cleverly, it avoids pigeon-holing itself thematically by not having the words future, time or terror in the title.

Zombo: The Day the Zombo Died
More shenanigans from Al Ewing, in which Zombo goes up against Obmoz, his (evil-er?) twin.  The humor is very broad, very manic and has the dial turned all the way up to 11.  I mostly hate it, but still find myself reading it all and guffawing at points because Al really is a funny guy.  It's as if someone sat down and decided that a mixture of The Doppelgarp, B.L.A.I.R. 1 & Big Dave was a good idea.  Weird: like with each bite I both hate and find highly amusing the marmite sandwich I'm eating.

Contextually, having one of the characters be President Trump might have been funnier in 2011: reading it today it's mostly just nauseating.  It promises another sequel featuring a planet-sized face as an enemy: could that please just be a joke?

Sinister Dexter: Apocalypse Shtick
So we find out that reality is breaking down, and only Sin & Dex can save the universe!  This is all explained by some gaudy Basil Exposition ninjas who are sort of multiverse janitors.  Sin & Dex end up killing a bunch of people they already killed ages ago, because these are from that other dimension.

I really don't like Sinister Dexter anymore.  I did, once, when it was just them and Downlode, and there were other characters to care about, like Demi Octavo, and Billi and such.  But now - with all the dimension-hopping and re-treading of dead characters, it feels like it's lost its way.  More than Future Shocks, or Time Twisters or Terror Tales, it just feels like filler. 

I know Dan Abnett could write this from now until the end of time, but should he?  There's a suggestion in the story that their entire reality could just cease to exist!  We could end it there, right?

Contextually, having one of the characters be President Trump might have been funnier in 2011: reading it today it's mostly just nauseating

This is so painfully true. I re-read all (most?) of Zombo in the Ultimate Collection just recently, and while I loved it at the time it ran, and really enjoyed the rest this time out too, the Trump bits fell totally flat for me - to the point of genuine irritation. Possibly because Ewing's version appears more balanced than the real thing, almost as if this is a gentle puff-piece meant to reassure.  That's drokkin' scary, that is.

Taryn Tailz:

--- Quote from: TordelBack on 21 July, 2018, 01:04:01 PM ---
--- Quote from: Taryn Tailz on 21 July, 2018, 12:42:50 PM ---I remember Flesh, of this period, being a very rare example of a 2000AD strip which I gave up on. I usually read the prog cover to cover, even strips I don't particularly enjoy, but I found Flesh so bad that I couldn't bring myself to read it every week.

--- End quote ---

Heh, I loved it!  Just accept that everyone in it is on sanity-blocking drugs (Smileez) and just look at the gloriously drawn dinos munching on cowboys.  That's what it says on the tin after all.

--- End quote ---

Bearing in mind that I have never, even as a child, had any interest in either dinosaurs or cowboys, I think it's fair to say that I probably wasn't the demographic for Flesh.


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