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Hunting for Dark World Creations figures


Ghost MacRoth:
It's a long shot I know, but as I managed to pick up Dredd on Lawmaster from an ad on here that was 3 years old, I'll give it a go!

Looking for the Death 1:10 bust, Anderson 1:10 bust, Jusge Fire 70mm, and Hammerstien figure.  Ideally would be in box and unpainted, but would consider any condition if anyone has spares, or just wants to shift them on.  Drop me a PM if you've anything to offer!


Ghost MacRoth:
Still Looking, Got Death, still need the rest.

Yeah there's a couple of these I could still do with..

Judge Mortis
Judge Fear
Citi-Def Trooper
Judge Fire

So sorry to jump on the end of this but if anyone has any spares.... :-)


Ghost MacRoth:
There's a city def trooper on ebay the now....

Trooper McFad:
Buy it now as well so no wait for bids to end.


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