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Who is Shakura?


Many years ago 2k ran the story "The Dead Man" With the thread running through the story "Who is the dead man?" Which we went on to find out was Dredd. Now we have a new character full of "unknown life form" as it's description. Any ideas apart from Nemesis or is this really going to be an unknown lifeform?
Personally my money is on .....


Oops meant Shakara...

Never thought of that but the series has to be building to something. Random violence and the occasional "Shakara!" isn't going to keep us hooked forever. Personally I think he looks very similar to Voldo from Soul Blade.

I reckon it's gonna be 'Ernie - the fastest milkman in the west' and he'll do a funny song and all.  Heh, I'm laughing now just thinking about it.

Well the Earth being destroyed at the start could be a red herring (or even a green one) I guess.  But if not that rules out most established 2000AD stuff from the Nemesis/ABC warriors continuum (sounds dumb when I say it like that don't it).

I did almost expect to see Deadlock behind that mask, but like nemesis he likes to gibber on a lot first and git his preachin' out of the way.  Then I thought purity brown.  Then I thought, why am I thinking so hard about this?

I like the strip (a lot) but I don't think I can take another week of nothing but 'Shakara!'. I think his slogan should be 'Do the Skakara and put the freedom back'.

Then again, it could be me in there.  I've been thinking of getting a job lately as being self employed has cost me thousands of pounds.  All I need is a mean robot suit, a big claw that shoots gene splicing lightning, a catch phrase and a few lucky breaks.


See I can do it, go on Rebellion dudes, gimme a job as a comic book hero.  I've lots of experience being 2-Dimensional and I say the same stuff over and over again.  Even I would look cool drawn by Henry (not Kevin) Flint.

I'm off to celebrate the brain cells saved by not drinking for a whole week.  Seeya.



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