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Thread Zero:
Interesting facts for you all.


This week's Dredd tale by Alan Grant has exactly the same ending (the note) as a story he wrote in the Megazine Volume 1, No 10, dated July 1991.

That story was called The Gipper's Big Night Out and was about mutants entering the city from the west wall. The words on the note are identical in both stories.

Also Wagner wrote a Dredd tale last year about a talking gun on the rampage, which was exactly the same as one he wrote for 2k after the Dredd movie just came out. Way back in 1995.

I told you it was interesting!


Dominic O'Rourke:
I felt the same about it, I alos felt that the editorial tried to connect it with sept 11, which I don't evfen think there where any similarities.

Thread Zero:
The Dredd tale was Blaster Buddy by Wagner, art by Anthony Williams. Prog 954.

About a gun that thought it was a soldier.

Then last year Wagner gave us Gun Runner. Art by Cliff Robinson. Prog 1229.

About a gun that thought it was a soldier.


Scojo who knows so much useless trivia it's quite scary...

Thread Zero:
Dorourke, your typing is worse than mone, I mean mine!


Sorry I lost you! You mean it was similar? I don't see the connection with sept 11 though!


Thread Zero:
Oh right, you mean the editorial on the nerve centre!

Sorry, I didn't realise!

Bit slow today am I.

Mr Smith, I mean Mr Tharg was comparing Dredd's world to real life, wasn't he?

I must admit I never saw the connection between mutants and oppressed groups of present day.

But now I think of it, it's so damned obvious!


Although I don't think Tharg was referring to Sep 11. Or maybe I missed something there?

scojo so slow, the tortoise is doing a lap of honour


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