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Prog 2251 - Escape into the unknown

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Alternative take on the cover:

Mark Harrison’s original pitch art for The OUT:

Wow. I'll take a print of that concept piece as soon as possible, please.

I don't feel as absorbed in and excited by the prog as I used to and I really hate that fact.  I don't think it's the Tharg's fault either - it's probably a combination of my getting old, and also my Internet-fuelled saturation in other forms of entertainment to the point where I've become jaded.  I really miss the days when I would be excited all week to see what was going to happen next.

BUT... That cover is lovely, and shows just how versatile both 2000ad and Mark Harrison are - both can effortlessly go from dark and violent to colourful and upbeat in an instant, and do an amazing job of both.  And The Out itself is fricking awesome too - sorry to repeat the Halo Jones comparison but it really is reminiscent of that story, which is not bad considering the latter is still one of the best stories ever to appear in the Prog.

The only other ones I've read or Dredd and Diaboliks (and it's just occurred to me that there may be a bit of cheeky wordplay in that title - grud, I'm slow off the mark).

Dredd isn't really grabbing me - it's a nice read but the 'Dredd vs lots of other people in a big fight' reminds me a bit of Crusade.  Sorry - it is of course still fifty times better than Morrison and Millar's half-arsed efforts, and the Brit Mechanismo robot was great.

Diaboliks is splendid, though.  I'm beginning to prefer the art to the original artist that influenced it.  And that ending... feck.  Well played, sirs.

Sean SD:
My Top 3 for Prog 2251

A bit slow getting around to reading this prog but .... Great cover!!

As someone said a prog full of episode 2's

My top three are:

1st - The Out - best story here I think, reads very busy though on my ipad, prob works better on a paper prog, some laugh out loud moments as Cyd navigates the Out

2nd - Scarlet Traces - Bad Martians!!

3rd - The Diaboliks - Enjoying this run more than previous run
Dredd and Pandora Perfect were fine in a good prog

Funt Solo:
I got a Waldo Dobbs homage vibe from the new husband on the last page of The Out. Is it just me?


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