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Nice finish to a great run of Progs.

I'm not going to add anything of value to the regened debate (I'm for them) other than to say I wish only 8% of the output had been not to my taste during the dark days.

I was lucky enough that money was not an object at the time so I just stuck with the prog even though there was barely one story a prog to like. But I can see how if something isn't appealling to you and you have better things to spend your money on, it might be time to move on.

Funt Solo:
Ironically, Pandora Perfect is in some ways objectively better than Dredd's The Hard Way. Yes, I said objectively.

Do I know who all the characters are? Does it make sense within the constraints of the story? Does it hold true to the spirit of the canon? All are yes for Pandora and no for The Hard Way.

I think they're both trying to be comedies, but, whoo boy, does The Hard Way fail miserably at that. It's like a 90s fever dream channeling the worst excesses of Pseudo-Slade, Millar-Vision and Skuzz III.

Why do none of the assassins (except the bland ringleader) care about their own survival? Why is there a circus troupe of assassins anyway? Or - what are the Suicide Squad doing in Judge Dredd? Where is Dredd's cape? What happened to the loose end of citizens hypnotized by the computer virus? Who is Dumbledwee and why haven't they done anything for several episodes, then (later) - why are the conjoined twin assassins (a terribly stupid concept) not conjoined anymore when they leap stupidly from nowhere at all at Dredd & Maitland? Who is Chongan? How was the bland ringleader able to watch everything through his magic binoculars when they're in a submarine facility that one would assume had things like doors and ceilings and so on?

Oh, it's just such a bucket of pants. There are lots of reasons to keep reading the prog, but Dredd isn't anywhere near the top of the list. (People keep excluding Dredd from votes as if he'd be a shoe-in, but it's just not the best strip in the prog anymore. It's like Futsie Shocks now.) I'm really looking forward to the Red Queen (Bond supervillain) just not being a thing anymore, with her bucket of unlikely Orlok clones and invisible pet cat.



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