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Three charity auctions from Thought Bubble


Eamonn Clarke:
Three items from last weekend’s Thought Bubble that might be of interest.

A copy of Blazer #1 with the signed tip-in card from Steve MacManus. This is to raise a few quid for MIND in memory of Dave Evans.

An A3 print for Jock and Scott Synder’s new comic Book of Evil. I got this from Jock while I was getting him to sign another book I’m collecting signatures in. He signed in at the bottom in white ink. This is to raise a little bit for Cancer Research UK.

And finally a Judge Death sketch by Leigh Shepherd from Owen’s Doodles for Dave stall. This has already raised money for the Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide charity (SOBS) and is up here to raise a little more.

All 99p starts with free UK postage and next day dispatch.
You know what to do.

Hi Eamonn. Sorry I never managed to find you again after we passed crossing the road (though to be honest, spent most of the rest of that day in the 'spoons!)

Eamonn Clarke:
No worries, DDD. Missed quite a few people as it happens. Hopefully we will get a  chance for a sit down and catch up a Lawless. Maybe we could record our episode about Judges there?


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