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2000AD comic collection


Hi, I have a whole bunch of 2000AD comics I collected as a child including first additions with the six different stickers when they merged with Starlord. They’ve been in an attic for 45 years ish. Can anyone advise me where to sell them or would someone be interested in a job lot? I need to catalogue what I’ve got but just thought I’d ask first if there’s a market for them. Thanks, Paul

Ebay is good for this sort of thing, but if you let us know what you have then you might get some interest in this forum too. Or post links to your eBay auction here.

Colin YNWA:
There's some Facebook groups that are good to check out as well.

There some auctions on eBay now, marketed via the Facebook group I follow(ish) (and I suspect others) and they may well give you an indication on what you might expected to get. I've picked one auction here but the says as a decent set up for grabs, if you check out his other auctions.


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