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FOR SALE: 2000 AD / Judge Dredd Megazine / Crisis comics


Just over 1,000 comics for sale - 2000 AD, Judge Dredd Megazine (+ floppies) and Crisis. (Including valuable first issues of the Megazine and Crisis.)

Apart from a few exceptions, all are in excellent condition. There are also a few SF/Winter specials and Diceman comics included.

Please get in touch for more details as I can provide a comprehensive listing of all the issue numbers. Generally, the comics are from the mid 80s, early 90s and 2010s.

All come in 12 white boxes for easy removal and storage. Each box is marked with contents.

Value = £2,600 for the entire collection. This is based on Comic Price Guide website, 2000 AD forums, eBay and Gumtree. But I am open to serious offers.

Location: Gloucestershire.

Buyer to collect... obviously. Discounts available for those travelling from far afield - to reflect time and petrol money.

Images at Gumtree:

Thanks for your time.


--- Quote from: ShapeSphere on 21 November, 2021, 05:36:11 PM ---... (Including valuable first issues of the Megazine and Crisis.)

--- End quote ---

Hate to break the news but the first issues of the Meg and Crisis are among the lower value issues in the run.  The high value ones are towards the end as circulation dropped.

Those Diceman would net you a bob or two as well.

All the best with the sale but you might want to consider the long haul and splitting the collection.

Even Diceman doesn’t seem to be that much of a draw right now, if my recent auctions were anything to go by. (I have a complete set. No-one was interested, although I might have priced it too high.)

Colin YNWA:
I'd strongly recommend looking through this thread for a much loved boarders experience trying to sell their collection - which in the end they did I think get most sorted by chunking up. Gives you a good sense of what will sell and what might be more of a struggle.

Good luck

Thanks for the three replies, info and link. Useful to know.


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