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Prog 2262 – The Spirit of Xmas Future

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No Zarjaz 100-page mega-special thread yet? Blimey. Then I’ll dig right in:

We’re in perfect-bound territory, as usual, and there’s a nice wraparound cover by Toby Willsmer. A chunky Droid Life offers plenty of laughs before Judge Dredd does the same. This tale delightfully lampoons a certain high-profile tech figure, along with featuring a meet-up between three Judge Dredds. This is skilfully written. I know some people were suspicious of what we’d get, but it’s a lot of fun and a one-and-done.

Next up, Deadworld is gruesome, with Tharg apparently having very odd ideas as to what constitutes a festive tale. A short break for a fun Doug Church interview and then we’re on to the new Kingmaker, which kicks off a second after the series cliffhanger. New readers should be able to catch up easily enough, mind.

Dexter was a mixed bag for me — a nice enough tale in and of itself, but the realisation for the lead is about as cliched as they come. Then The Order comes knocking with some lovely visuals but, I’m struggling to keep up with the plot.

Tales of Mega-City One gives us a tale that neatly weaves through a classic Dredd, and then The  Out provides a little levity after an episode of dread. Proteus Vex rounds out a solid Prog of extra-length thrills, and bodes well for a new year that will begin with a line-up of Dredd/The Order/Kingmaker/The Out/Proteus Vex.

Colin YNWA:
The cruel irony is after a few choppy weeks with the Prog arriving late, this one dropped on Saturday, early for my normal delivery even... and of course I'm not reading it. Taking my normal tack with these issues of saving it until X-Mas day... damnit!

Cover by Toby Willsmer:

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