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Prog 2262 – The Spirit of Xmas Future

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It is now tradition for the xmas prog to close-out the year. On reflection this year’s prog was good with a slight dip mid-year picking up with a very good run to the end. The biggest disappointment was Slaine and not that it ended but it ended with a fizzle and not a BANG! (it always read like the first book of a trilogy). Jaegir was another disappointment (I really love this thrill) and it had nothing to do with the quality rather the lack of quantity (only 3 episodes the last few years). The Out, Feral and Foe, Proteus Vex and Thistlebone all had its second arcs and all of them equaled or even surpassed the first arc – bravo Tharg.

Does the xmas prog deliver on thrills and it is a resounding yes. Full marks for me and it is always a good sign when you struggle to choose your favorite. Now let’s get to it.

Dredd – Another classic by Niemand whom we all know by now can weave a nice Dredd tale. I like how he makes fun of the different versions of Dredd especially Mr. Rambo. The third pages we get treated with the tooths different versions of Dredd – a very nice touch

Deadworld – As always, the twisted dark world of Deadworld makes out for the “perfect” xmas story.  Enjoyed this one and Kendall’s art sets the mood perfectly.

Kingmaker – The episode starts where the previous arc stopped, and we have a battle royale on our hands. Leigh’s awesome art dominates the episode as Edginton gives as more back-story. Super good opening.

Dexter – More of filler episode before the main saga continues and it was a very good filler. I always liked Steve Yeowell’s simplistic portrayal of the characters, but I must admit that Tazio is really nailing the strip.

The Order – The voyage or rather roller-coaster rides continue. This is one of those strips why I like tooth it is absurd out-of-this-world twisting tale, and you better keep your hat on. Interesting opening episode let the mad dash voyage continue.

Tales from Mega-City One – Reflections and nostalgia with a trip out of memory lane. A good one-shot out the world of Dredd.

The Out – This is a more toned down or rather flat episode (but not in a bad way) from the previous emotional driven episodes: love, lost and found, fear and despair. This episode gives Abnett time to give us more background on the Tankinar and hopefully we will learn with time what Marabunda means. The nice thing it will also continue into the new year.

Proteus Vex – One of my favorite new thrills. The opening episode delivers a great episode and gives us more background about the “Sinclair” people. Interesting and absorbing episode awesome stuff.

I will not spoil it but we have some interesting events looming in the future we even have an add for a strip coming to prog 2300 and meg 448.

The cover WIP:

The Corinthian:
Good to see Midnight Indicating Shame back. I was a bit worried that she and Vex might have parted ways for good.

Bad City Blue:
Just read Dredd - absolutely brilliant both script and art, I laughed several times.

Bad City Blue:
Question about the Tales Of Mega City One

At the end there's a line about Dredd taking the Long Walk on new years day. Is this just a throwaway or is it happening?


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