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--- Quote from: M.I.K. on 25 January, 2022, 10:27:13 PM ---They added two girls to the class last year,  Mandira "Mandi" Sharma and Harsha "Har Har" Chandra.
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I know. So now there are nine boys and… three girls. My own girl isn’t thrilled about that. (Notably, according to all reports, The Beano’s circulation continues to grow in part because more girls are reading it, since the publication is no longer frequently actively hostile towards them.)

--- Quote from: sheridan on 26 January, 2022, 08:44:18 AM ---I don't see what about the premise of a primary (?) school in an inner city Victorian building makes it difficult to update to the modern world - there's quite a lot of schools like that around where I live!
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The strip is limited by its own history and structure. If you were making that strip now (or remaking it), the most obvious problem would be fixed by gender-flipping a few of the boys and adding a bit more diversity. But that’s not going to happen. So a few things get fixed (some insulting names; two girls added) but others will not be (remaining insulting names — the writer told me on Twitter he sees no problem with them; imbalance; the strip still not knowing what to do with Cuthbert).

Dennis kind of ripped off the band aid. The gang was ‘remade’ and Dennis’s attitude was shifted from being a horrible bully to a streetwise kid. All the ‘softie’ hideousness was ditched in favour of Walter being some kind of supervillain wannabe. The dynamic works really well, and when I look back at the old strips (or books — Steven Butler’s ones from as recently as 2014 are along the same lines), where Dennis and pals are kicking the shit out of kids for being ‘girlie’ (and elsewhere being mean to girls), I’m very glad the strip evolved. My kid loves the Beans. But I don’t think she’d love the comic from a decade ago—and it certainly didn’t care about people like her back then.


--- Quote from: The Legendary Shark on 26 January, 2022, 10:12:04 AM ---
There can be only one...

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