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Free to a good home - Star Trek GNs


Bad Andy:
Hey everyone,

Just before Christmas my father sadly died and I've since been spending an inordinate amount of time sorting out his flat.

One of the things he did have which surprised me were the first 20-odd issues of the Eaglemoss partworks collection for Star Trek Graphic Novels.

These aren't really my bag, so I wondered if anyone on here would like them? I can ditch them at a charity shop but I'd rather they go to a good home. There seems to be a lot based around the new films.

He presumably paid about £250 for these things. Many are still sealed and we still have the bookends and strange tin covers and tinbox with movie posters in. No lapel badge though.

The only snag - these are in Manchester and will need to be picked up. I aint going any posting as I still have a lot on my plate - but they are in immaculate condition.

It's East Manchester so closer to Sheffield/Leeds than Liverpool, but by no means inaccessible.

So any takers? Free to a good home.

Hi Andy. Sorry to hear about your dad, mate.
If you’ve no other takers, I’m in Preston, and would be happy to scoot down and get em for the reading section of my pub - we’ve got a little comics and books section that’s kinda popular, and I’m always sticking Star Trek on the big screen (with subtitles- all about rock music over here), so I reckon they’d go down a storm with my punters! Let me know if this is alright and I’ll bob over over first chance I get…

Bad Andy:
Sounds good to me! It would be appropriate for his stuff to end up in a pub.

Which pub do you have? Lived in Preston for three years last century.

If you want to email me I'm at badandy@btinternet dot com

Will do! I’m at The Vinyl Tap - used to be called The Variety, behind the Adelphi. It’s a bit different these days….

Bad Andy:
I remember The Variety! Wasn't one of my most frequented pubs, but did use it sporadically.

Actually clocked the name change when I was doing a virtual tour of Preston a few months ago.

Might even make a trip of it and bring them up to you!


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