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Colin YNWA:
Am I really the first to get this week's Prog - where's that 'Prog Drought' thread! Anyway when your respective copies land you are in for a treat. Well chuffin' worth the wait. Absolutely brilliant Prog, maybe one issue aside.

Dredd - BRILLIANT. Stakes are raised. Skys are surfered. Tension is well and truly built. Oh and Patrick Goddard is on chuffin' fire. That Niemand is pretty damned good too. Really, REALLY good. But it ain't the best.

Proteus Vex - BRILLIANT. Daring do, escapes and spacefights. Then we land and in the calm drama and intrigue is built. I like the way Proteus Vex is using Dantesque historical biography to world build and more. Really good. But it ain't the best

The Order - BRILLIANT. We step back in time for the origin of Cassiopeia and its an interesting pause from the time wastes drama - but no less exciting AT ALL. Its powerful stuff and opens another door. Really good. But it ain't the best (you know where this is goin' right!)

Kingmaker - BRILLIAN... okay, okay not quite brilliant. I mean its good. I really enjoyed it, as we remain in space and Ichnar shows what he's about. We get more daring escape... though this might not be as successful. I did however struggle with the storytelling and it took me a couple of passes to get what was going on. This isn't something I associate with Leigh Gallagher's art so that really surprised me. Was it just me? Was it all just a bit to madcap and high octane? Either way it did pull me out which makes this the weakest for me BUT don't see it being a major long term problem the overall thrill is still excellent and this is just a stumble.

The Out - More thanBRILLIANT!!! - But I have issues I really do BUT those don't stop this being magnificent as the series (well this Book) comes to an end. The Out is at its best when we're exploring with Cyd and we're poking around the Out and learning along with her, or at least in parallel. The Out doesn't need the explosive end of season finale all fighting and death... or so I thought... chuffin' idiot me. We get all that - and some superb quieter character work in the run up to that AND we dance along in quite the most fantastic, enthralling conclusion to a series we're had for a wee while. THEN it cranks something else up. Boxes (or spheres) something up and ties a lovely bow around my desire for more, more MORRRREEEEE! What an ending. When can we have this back Tharg... soon... pretty please. THE BEST.

Oh and we get confirmation we've getting Brimful of Thrills on the 45! for a year. Which is nice... well unless your Buttonman.

Just loving this line-up and what a start to the year. The Big question is what stands a chance of keeping this level up by replacing The Out? I think we might be getting some filler before the big 2270 issue. Mind filler can be good. Let's see.

Cover by Patrick Goddard and Dylan Teague:

Cover and Logo:

I got mine on Monday, I think. It’s a solid Prog.

Dredd was superb – a blazing slice of Meg life, which felt very Wagner in its execution. I did also love the “Where you gonna go now, hotshot?” page. Proteus Vex was one I cooled on with the previous run. Not sure why – perhaps the change in art was a jolt. But I’m back with it now, enjoying its twists and turns.

The Order has completely lost me, though. I read it, but it constantly feels like I’ve been dropped in the middle of a six-season TV show. Warrants a re-read, I think. And as much as I love John Burns, I wish I even liked his execution of Gideon. Alas. Overleaf, Kingmaker keeps building and one only hopes Edginton keeps writing it, and it isn’t another epic seemingly abandoned.

And then there’s The Out. This is really quite something – a modern-day 2000 AD masterpiece. It lets Harrison rip with the fantasy art he wants to paint. But the underlying narrative is compelling and heartbreaking. After last week’s horror, Sad finds itself escaping, but only to the point where her entire history is forgotten. Even the flippancy on that last page is deeply sad.

Lots more to come from The Out, but I really wish Rebellion would think again about the reprint. I get that they are a tough sell, but if any 2000 AD series deserved the lush hardcover treatment, it’s this one. (Ideally, we’d get an oversized book, so Harrison’s art would be shown off. But something like Deadworld or Megatropolis would be far more suitable than a trade. Although I’ll obviously buy the trade if there’s no other option… and then might send it over to Spink and Thackray.)

The Out > Dredd > Proteus Vex = Kingmaker > The Order 4.5/5 from me this week. And a reminder to buy Cradlegrave on the back, which is handy.

Well, this was an excellent prog, and this was me one of those progs that can proudly stand next to any of the top progs. This year has started with a blaze may the 45th year be a real scorcher. 

Dredd – This is another gem in the making from Niemand super fun and enjoyable. The game is really on as it is literally surf or die

Proteus Vex – Vex is on the run and I like the way Carrol keep on giving us tidbits about the world as the story unfolds. The last panel tidbit so helps to build the intrigue.

The Order – Some back story as we get a glimmer of where Cassi came from. Well told and mister Burns art is always a enjoy to observe.

Kingmaker – We all though we have seen the last of our body snatcher as more possessions are revealed. So, our downstairs team of two might soon be threes’ a company again.

The Out – This second book was utterly brilliant and personally it surpassed the first book; bring on book three which we know is coming (and yes cannot wait for Brink Book 5 as well). This last instalment was a real dancing queen as the story takes another interesting twist. Super storytelling well done team Abnett/Harrison.


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