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The Corinthian:
Line of the year, so far:

"Lodged tight inside Dave Cameron."

norton canes:
'Working Girl' was comfortable the stand-out this week - tightly focussed, tense, funny, exciting, and with stunning art from the Goddard/Teague combo, including that amazing cover. I don't care what else ends up in the Mega-City One TV series as long as episode one has a huge scene where a Manta tank chases a sky-surfer.

Got to say I thought the rest of the stories rumbled on a bit this week without much reward. I won't single any of them out and it's probably just me. I'll come back to them after half a dozen plastic cups and a new thrill-filter.

B/W Cover:

Funt Solo:

--- Quote from: Colin YNWA on 11 January, 2022, 05:58:30 PM ---Kingmaker ... I did however struggle with the storytelling and it took me a couple of passes to get what was going on. This isn't something I associate with Leigh Gallagher's art so that really surprised me. Was it just me?

--- End quote ---

It wasn't just you. I really enjoy Kingmaker but I couldn't make head nor tail of that fight sequence. From "KILL HIM!" on the second page to "HE'S GONE!" on the fourth, I don't have a good sense of how the battle played out. Oh, wait - I think I have it now! Yeah - the guy he headbutt's he then uses as a meat-shield, before chucking it into the evil guy's exploding magic ball of doom, which takes the brunt of the blast.

How nature dude then manages to bugger off and get to the insect ship is glossed over.

Blue Cactus:
This is a great great Dredd because yes we have sky surfers and Mantas and all that but really it’s because I genuinely care about our main character and what’s going to happen to her. I was hoping Mona would be back after her first appearance and I’m finding her struggle with everyday life in the Meg hugely relatable and compelling. I mean the fact that she’s being chased on a flying surfboard by flying judge tanks is less relatable, sure, but I’m rooting for her.

I got a little bit lost with Kingmaker too. The glowing purple armpit effects made it a little hard to follow for me. I like this series but Ive found it a little disappointing whenever it’s cut to the baddies and what they’re up to. Much prefer being with Crixus and Yarrow and not quite knowing what’s going on alongside them. Ichnar seems a bit... pantomime? And I’m not a fan of his big glowing suit. Still enjoying this series overall though.

Kek-W is an ideas machine and I find one or two of his panels often have enough ideas to fill a whole episode. I’ll do a full Order reread at some point but at the moment my tactic is hold on for the ride! Love John Burns, really dislike his take on Gideon. It’s like what was Gideon’s jaw in the Simon Jacob is now stuck to its chest, and it has this big constantly open mouth and I can’t tell if it has two eyes or one in the middle. Hey ho!

Proteus Vex... I’m still not sure how I feel about this strip. Maybe it’s because Vex himself doesn’t have much personality? Lynch has comfortably made the series his own though and I’m intrigued to see where it’s going. The wee pilot people make for quite a unique set up - is it just me that finds them a bit creepy?

The Out is of course marvelous.

Enjoying the inside back page greatly although I think playing on the name of a mid-90s hit single for the title of the series is a bit naff (sorry)!


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