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Wanted Mega Collection Volumes 81 to 90 (and maybe 27, 62, 69) UK/GB area.


Looking for UK/GB area due to ease of postage.

81 Psi Judge Anderson The Trip (VR & Robot stories).
82 Day of Chaos Aftermath (The aftermath of an attack).
83 Blood of Emeralds (The aftermath of an attack).
84 Crazy Town (Crazy entrepreneurs).
85 Tales of Ordinary Madness (Future Shock syndrome murderous rampages).
86 Wogue Wobots (Rogue robot war).
87 Served Cold (Revenge tale about criminals vs criminals).
88 War on the Streets (Judges tackling crimes).
89 Psi Judge Anderson Dead End (Struggling PSI Judge).
90 Lawless (Colony world story about a MC1 Judge or maybe not)?

27 Fallen Angels (Angel gang,0 Cursed Earth raiders/cannibals).
62 Armitage (Brit city Judge).
69 City Underworld (Tales of criminals).


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