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Prog 2274 - Beneath the Remains

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Colin YNWA:
Oh Cliff Robinson you clever cover design droid you. Lovely stuff.

But who choose the colours for the Nerve Centre this week - ouch!

Inside Dredd shows more signs of the narration being unreliable, as we build towards the reveal of what The Citadel is and the tension slowly cranks up.

Kingmaker now that's a good episode. Run a little hot and cold on this one, well the odd episode but this is great, but I still don't trust Ablard

Proteus Vex what a way to end things this time and man can't wait for it to return - which Michael Carroll has confirmed I'm delighted to say and all I can add is GET ON WITH IT. Fantastic series.

Fiends is still putting pieces into place but does it very well this week. That's how to do set up!

And Brink is how to do comics full stop. Once again more fantastic interplay between character and then a chilling scene cut. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. How is it possible that Lawless makes these only Dabnett's second best strip!?!

Great Prog.

Cover by Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague:

Cover and Logo:

A very good prog. I really like how the logo is imbedded into the cover, great cover by Cliff and Dylan.

Dredd – We are nearing the point where some secrets will start to be revealed as our band of merry men marches forward in the undercity. Good stuff from the creative team and I must say that Cornwell’s art is nailing this story.

Kingmaker – We all have experience those “exciting” boardroom meetings where one person loves his own voice and then “bang”. This is how to end those boring meetings as Crixus had enough. A good episode but the whole series feels more like a setup for what is to come.

Proteus Vex – Awesome episode as the final fate of Midnight is revealed. I will root for a spin-off series for Midnight, do I have a second? Cannot wait for the next book.

Fiends – The second episode build upon the first and an interesting new character has been revealed to us. Love Tiernen’s grayscale art it works great with the timeline.
Brink – A good episode as the investigation continues and I cannot wait for the reporter and secs paths to cross.

PS - One droid certainly has something against Fiends because this is the second week where we had some "broken" pages on Fiends. This round it is two.

Again with the iPad file issues!


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