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Major Star Signs to Dredd Movie

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Just found this on a movie insider site, thought I'd cut & paste it here for your benefit!

"Hollywood hard man Michael Masden is reported to have signed a deal with Shoreline Entertainment to appear in 2 forthcoming projects based on the cult British comic strip Judge Dredd. Although details are sketchy, it is rumored that the star of Reservoir Dogs and Free Willy will be donning the helmet previously made famous by Sylvester Stallone in the 1995 movie of the same name. Shoreline Entertainment are refusing to release exact details at the moment although they do stress that this is not a sequel to the Stallone vehicle."

Mmmmm... interesting.  I may have to go and watch reservoir dogs to see what I think.  As long as he hasn't put on any weight since then we should be okay.  They've picked someone known for tough and mean roles anyway.  And unlike Sly, he can talk!

As long as they don't choose that Killer Whale from Free Willy we'll be okay.

Thread Zero:
Best not to get too carried away.

Until it's official, I'd have an open mind.

I guess Pee Wee Herman is out of the running then.


If it's true, then I would offer a cautious mutter of approval.  He'll need to put on some extra muscle, though, but not too much.

But who will play the other roles?  Any suggestions?

Hmmm... if he did come here, he'd probably change his mind.  

Anyway, I've just been off to a specialist chin site (no, not really) and he looks like he isn't a bad choice at all.

These things are always very far from certain, so it may not happen.  

My FAVOURITE candidate was that bloke who played Wolverine in X-Men, HUGH JACKLMAN.  He looked mean, had the right build and sounded like a young clint eastwood.


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